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Configuration Changes

All browsers
Feature Preference Value Reference
Set the preferred default search engine n/a n/a none
Mozilla Firefox
Feature Preference Value Reference
Enable Firefox Sync n/a n/a none
Disable cache browser.cache.check doc frequency 1
Disable media keys media.hardwaremediakeys.enabled false
Disable internal PDF viewer pdfjs.disabled true none
Chromium-like browsers (Chromium, Vivaldi, Chrome, …)
Feature Preference Value Reference
Disable media keys chrome://flags/#global-media-controls > #hardware-media-key-handling disabled none
Microsoft Edge
Feature Preference Value Reference
Disable media keys edge://flags/#global-media-controls > #global-media-controls disabled none


Mozilla Firefox
Addon Settings Reference
Add custom search engine Add as Qwant en-DE
Facebook Container none
Firefox Multi-Account Containers none
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