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Welcome to Jo's Wiki

Welcome! This is my personal wiki to keep info in a public space where I can access it anytime. You may or may not find it useful too. So feel free to see what's here.

Wiki Contents

  • Gaming & Content Creation: I do play video games and sometimes there is some info I need to keep handy. I'm also curious about content creation so I collect some info about that too. Both are related most of the times for what I dabble in so they are in one category.
  • Photography: Photography is one of my interests and here's where I write down some hints for myself.
  • Dev & Ops: Information related to Development and Operations of IT Systems. Not necessarily DevOps ;-)
  • My Custom Settings: Settings I usually use when settings up my computer, my browser or whatever else.

If you are curious about more from me check out my Link Page (!

There is also a drafts section, which is not publicly accessible.